Ignite Your Passion

Our team is made up of people who care immensely about healthcare. They are driven to change the world and believe they can make a difference. If that sounds like you, come join us on our mission to improve the delivery of healthcare!

Becoming a medical scribe at Chartjoy provides an incredible opportunity to experience healthcare in a direct patient care environment. This life-changing role will:

  • Allow you to work in direct patient care settings
  • Improve your knowledge of the ins and outs of healthcare
  • Challenge you to think differently about the future of medicine
  • Increase your competitiveness for post-graduate health programs
"Chartjoy scribes have radically improved the quality of life of our physicians. Our physicians can now focus on patient care, not burdensome clerical work. And they pay for themselves through better documentation and higher practice efficiency. They are a gamechanger for our health system."
- Edward O’Bryan, MD
Executive Director of MUSC Health Solutions
Why us?
Because we care about the future of medicine.

Join us at Chartjoy and see firsthand what happens when our passions are ignited and aligned to accomplish a common goal. We need YOUR flame.

There is more...
  • Discounted Kaplan Test Prep Packages
  • Letters of Recommendation from Chartjoy Medical Directors and Physician Customers
  • Guaranteed Interview at Trinity School of Medicine
  • Competitive Advantage on Medical School Applications

Apply Now!

Building the perfect scribe:

Scribing is not for everyone. But if you’re:

  • Passionate about healthcare
  • Driven to improve the lives of others
  • Prone to question everything

You might be the perfect candidate.
Think you have it what it takes? Apply Now!

What's next?
We have a mission and the faster we get to work, the better. Let's get to it.
1. Apply Online

Submit your application online and we’ll evaluate your application.

2. Talk to our Team

We want to get to know YOU. We’ll reach out to schedule a 15 minute video conversation to share more about our mission and learn more about your goals.

3. Get to know your boss

The last step is a 15 minute phone call with site level leadership to discuss the details of the job.

4. Let's get to work

Confirm availability, job details, schedule and we will extend an offer to change healthcare.

Ready to do this?